I’m James…

I’m a Freelance Cinematographer and Camera Operator in Bristol with bases in London and Devon/Cornwall. My experience in the camera department on Broadcast Commercials, TV shows, and branded content has given me a strong practical knowledge of a variety camera systems, lenses, lighting and grip equipment; building my lighting and composition techniques in the process. I specialize in narrative work and music videos as I find cinematography to be a particularly powerful tool in these mediums to both create emotion for a story and to showcase a band’s style in a music video. However, I am well versed in many areas, there is a story to be told in every job whether it’s a feature film or a promo! Deciphering the best method to tell that story imagery is what I do best.

I’ve been in love with filmmaking from an early age always entranced by the magic of a trip to the cinema. A keen film fan dreaming of being a part of the process I was constantly reading up and learning about film at every opportunity. Making the choice to actively follow this path I decided to further my education specialising in Filmmaking, this was one of the best decisions I ever made!

I studied Media Production at Cornwall College passing with a triple distinction. It was here that my fascination and appreciation for the visual side of storytelling grew and I then went on to graduate with a Film Production and Cinematography BA (Hons) from Bournemouth University. I was lucky enough to gain amazing hands on experience and knowledge of camerawork and lighting there even working with 8mm and 16mm film on many occasions using Bolex and an Arri SR3 Cameras.

In the last three years I have been fortunate enough to work as a DoP on an Indie Feature Film, various Shorts, multiple Music Videos achieving broadcast on MTV/Kerrang, and a Documentary which have all been truly incredible opportunities. Planning the shots and orchestrating lighting set-ups whilst working closely with different directors to achieve a common creative vision is an experience I find extremely rewarding. During the last 8 years I’ve gained lots of experience shooting and editing Online Content, Promos, and Corporate Videos which has enabled me to develop my client relation skills and become adept at managing a project from start to finish.

Photography became another love of mine whilst studying and I love getting out and about with my camera in between shoots. I find it has helped develop my eye for composition and the power of angles and lighting when shooting action and street scenes. Portraiture helped me develop a naturalistic lighting approach an really grew my appreciation for using light to create mood which in turn began to inform my cinematography. Landscape Photography and in particular Long Exposure is something I greatly enjoy playing with, creating shapes from an existing environment and transforming imagery through different uses of shutter times to create an abstraction of what was originally there is immensely fulfilling.

Motivated to always keep growing creatively I ensure that I am always challenging myself and learning new techniques. Whether this means checking out new kit as it gets released, pushing my editing and colour grading skills, or experimenting with new photography methods I make sure I am always developing myself.

On location in Brighton operating on the fantastic Short Film ‘Odilo Fabion or (the possibility of Impossible Dreams)’ with Director Matt Rowney and Actor Luke Brandon Field.

Filming Actress Kat Ronson during a beautiful sunrise on the Albufeira Coastline for the powerful Short Film ‘IBZ’.

Looking to collaborate?

If you have a project coming up and you’re interested in collaborating please get in touch! Feel free to check me out on socials and give me a shout if you’d like to discuss anything at all, I’m always excited to meet new creatives and professionals!

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